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Monday, December 26, 2005

TVB Makes Bosco & Myolie Choose Love Or Career?

Bosco and Myolie are part of the bunch of TVB actors that bring in money. After Bosco won the 'Most Improved Award,' more money has been pumped into these two, so of course TVB prefers that there are no rumors. When they were filming WOIL, there were the rumors as normal, so TVB told them to be careful how they act, but after news came that Bosco sent Myolie 600 love sms, they started to worry TVB execs, and they received a secret memo warning saying that no matter if the rumors are true or not, it cannot continue or start, in fear that it will affect on their careers. After the romance was discovered, Bosco and Myolie changed her relationship to an underground one, but TVB 's warning tells them to really think about what’s more important, their career or their love life.

TVB's response came from their main producer, Miss Lok. She says that she really know of these rumors from the tabloids. The two of them have many chances (for series) and hopes that they take advantage of these chances. When asked about the memo " to tell you the truth, if we have time we do talk to the actors, and if there are rumors that will affect their career, we will say something. But Miss Lok says that TVB would not interfere with the actor’s personal lives.

The relationship...was because of Liza Wong.

Bosco and Myolie have both been in TVB for some time now, but when they came together this year for 'War of In Laws,' they fit together perfectly, and the person who brought them together was: Liza Wong. During filming, she really took a shine to her son and daughter-in-law and would say that they looked very good together. She would also set up events so the two of them could get to know each other. All the actors on set said that Liza really should drink the "sum pao cha" when the time comes, but at that time Myolie had a boyfriend, they never took off until the middle of this year, when Myolie and Bosco changed their agent and had the same one, Myolie breaks up with her boyfriend of 4 years. Being single again, they teamed up as spokespersons, and because of the large amounts of time they spent together, they were really able to communicate, but this time was their "fight time" and a relationship isn't good for business, so even if they had "clicked" they couldn't admit it. A reporter called Bosco to ask, but because of his hectic schedule, and days without sleep, he had to use his 1 hour of rest to answer " I just won the "Most Improved" Award so I have alot of series set up for this year, so I really have no time to think about relationships and romances." When asked if him and Myolie had a chance, he answered" No one knows what’s going to happen in the future, I'll tell you when I get there". When asked if he received a memo warning from TVB, he said that he had to get back on set. There had been no response from Myolie yet.

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