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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Twins' Latest Album, 'The Missing Piece,' OUT NOW!

Twins’ latest album, The Missing Piece, is out on sale today. Fans have placed orders on the albums and if all the albums ordered are sold, Twins will have already sold a white golden number. The hard work Gillian Chung and Charlene Choi placed on the album payed off. The main theme of the album is day and night. The designer used the dark night to bring out Gillian’s quiet personality and used bright day to bring out Charlene’s open personality.

The photo shoot for their album and concert started at midday and ended in the morning of the next day. Charlene was sick then and had also been working throughout the night on the previous night, so did not have time to see the doctor. It was planned for Charlene to see a doctor after the photo shoot, but during the night, Charlene could not handle it and announced that she felt faint. Workers stopped straight away and organised for Charlene to have a rest. Charlene’s assistant called Charlene’s family doctor straight away. After Charlene got an injection, workers planned to not continue working. But Charlene insisted on working and after 2 hours rest, she started to work. When asked why did she not give up on working, Charlene said, “If just one person stops everyone from working, it is not worth it. I know that I could handle it.”

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