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Friday, December 02, 2005

Winnie Will Not Enroll Her Daughter At an International School

Winnie Yeung was recently snapped together with her husband viewing a luxury apartment at Heung To. When asked if she was planning to shift, she denied it, as the apartment was far and expensive. She said she was only there to view the apartment.

She currently stays at Race Course Road, at the apartment her husband bought three years ago. Not only is the fengshui good, but the neighbours are friendly also, hence, Winnie is reluctant to shift. Even if she does, she hopes to move within Race Course Road. “Although we have our daughter now, we still have enough space at our current place even with our three dogs. So we are not in any hurry to move,” she said.

Moving on to her daughter who is now six months old, Winnie heard that they should start looking for schools when the children is one year old. As she did not study in Hong Kong, she is not sure which would be a good school. Someone had suggested to Winnie to enrol her daughter at an international school, but she refused as firstly, the school fees were expensive, and secondly, she wanted her daughter to be able to speak good Mandarin. She would rather that her daughter studies in Hong Kong first to get a strong foundation in Mandarin first. If her daughter wishes, she could then study overseas when she is older.
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