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Friday, December 02, 2005

Winning the Award Has Strengthened Niki's Conviction

After entering the Showbiz, Niki Chow has blazed a movie-acting trail for herself, grabbing the lead in the Feel 100% drama and also a few TVB telemovies. She has also signed with music company BMA earlier this year. It is little wonder why Niki considers herself to be extremely fortunate.

Niki said that to accomplish her goal as a singer, she has to temporarily shelve her acting plans for the time being. "I've had an interest in singing before, and you need to put in a lot of effort in this career. Now that I am part of the music industry, I want to be focused on it this year!"

However, she said that she hoped to film a movie again as soon as possible. “Actually, I really like acting in a movie! But because this year I have to focus on singing, I can go back to acting next year.” Although she has filmed a series this year, serials and movies are totally different experiences. She has a movie project next year and while she could not divulge what it was about, but she would starting work on it soon.

Winning the Most Improved Actress award this year has strengthen Niki’s conviction that she has chosen the right career path. Even though many disagreed, causing many rumours about it, Niki said, "I don't care about rumors. I just look at it as regular news. I won’t be mad at the news as long as I have done my best."

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