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Monday, January 30, 2006

Ah Jei, Myolie, Challenging Each Other With Words To Celebrate New Year

Rude Mother-in-law Liza earlier asked Myolie to have New Year's meal, and somehow mentioned the rumor between her and Bosco. When they saw each other at the meal, Liza Jie immediately asked Myolie to call Bosco. Myolie was surprised and didn't know how to react, and could only laugh out loud to cover the silence.

Liza, Myolie, and Bosco in 'Wars of In-Laws' became the top three highest rating series last year, and awarded Liza Jie the Best Actress Award as well. Whenever Ah Jie and Myolie see each other nowadays, they still greet each other as Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-law.
Ah Jie herself is from Shanghai, and knew that Myolie will have to film 'Tai Gik' during the middle of the month, therefore, decided to celebrate New Year and have a meal with Myolie in advance. During the meal,
Liza Jie made fun of Myolie immediately after she saw her. "I wish you success with sweet love!" Afterwards, in front of all the media people, she seriously asked Myolie to call Bosco, "Tell him that our meal is very good. Let him become jealous!" Myolie did not anticipate such comments, and could not respond, so she embarrasingly smiled to close out the awkwardness.

However, Liza Jie would not let go. When she gave Myolie a red envelope, she also added a second envelope, asking Myolie to give the additional one to Bosco in person. Myolie was well behaved and listened to Liza Jie, agreeing to do so. Seems like the relationship between the two of them in fact is close!

Despite only the presence of Liza Jie and Myolie, both of them were quite ready for everything. Liza ordered sixteen Shanghai style dishes, and all of them were very delicious!

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Ada Choi To Have A Properous Dog Year

Ada Choi haven't spent that much time in Hong Kong this past year. She spent most of her time filming in mainland so she chose to return to Hong Kong with her family during CNY. About her New Years wish, she said, "I hope everyone in my family, my friends, and myself are healthy, and have prosperous work."

In the dog year, Ada's luck should be good since her series 《七劍下天山》 that was filmed last year will soon begin to air in Taiwan and China. Ada also says with great expectations, "I've worked hard last year... I should have alot of profits this year!"

As with the love aspect, Ada jokes, "Don't happen right now! I should work hard in work first. I have no time to date and the most important is happiness. (Then you should pass out red envelopes if you're happy!) I will not pass them out! (What about red envelopes to the workers?) I'm not at the same level as Ah Jie yet, I'm still a little girl so I don't have the status to pass them out yet!"

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Michelle's High EQ Saved Her From Being Poisoned

Michelle Ye has certainly been one of the most gossiped about women in the Year of the Rooster, but it has also been because of this that her popularity has soared. She holds by the philosophy that it is negative publicity is better than no publicity, and thanks to her high EQ, she has not been “poisoned” by all the gossip so far.

However, the red packet that Michelle is most looking forward to in this Year of the Dog is from her boss of her management company, and not from her godfather. She said, “I’ve helped the company to earn so much the last year; a big red packet from them is quite normal.” Michelle took the opportunity to greet the new year with her family in Hang Zhou. When asked if she bought any presents for her family, she replied, “I had taken care of that earlier when I bought a house for them in China.”

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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Leo Ku: I Think That Cecilia Is A Really Cute Girl

The new movie, 'My Kungfu Sweetheart’s' theme song ‘直到爱上你’ will be sung by the movie's leading performers, Leo Ku and Cecilia Cheung. Leo will also be producing the song himself. As this is Cecilia and Leo’s first duet together, it is extremely important to them. Cecilia met up with Leo before recording the song, to get advice from Leo on how to sing the song better. On the day of the recording, Leo specially bought some ‘open sound’ tea for Cecilia to drink. The first recording was done extremely well, but Cecilia wanted to record a better one, so they had to record the song a few times. It took only one day to finish recording the song.

Leo said, “Cecilia and I discussed some new singing techniques, hoping to bring some fresh feeling to the song. Cecilia really put her heart into singing the song, the outcome was great. I think that Cecilia is a really cute girl. Although we have finish recording the song, I still meet up with her to eat dinner. We are good friends!”

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Fiona Sit To Substitute Miriam In 'Love Undercover 3'

A 'newcomer' in the movie industry, Fiona Sit will be substituting Miriam Yeung in 'Love Undercover 3'. Fiona thinks that she cannot be compared with Miriam, "I have watched the two parts that Miriam starred in. It's impossible to do better than her. I will act in my own style, taking it in as a new movie." She is also ready so steal some tips from Chow Yun Fat, "His movie 《我愛扭紋柴》 was really good."

Moreover, Fiona was having New Years photoshoots with disciple Khalil Fong and reminds him that he has to play during New Years, "Celebrities always have to work no matter what and cannot see the CNY flowers!" Then Khalil responses, "I'd rather work for money!"

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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Raymond Lam, Charmaine Sheh, Bosco Wong & Sharon Chan - New Year Harmony

With the upcoming Lunar New Year, Bosco Wong Chung Chak, Raymond Lam Fung, Charmaine Sheh Shi Man, and Sharon Chan Man Chi can be seen on TV with 'Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion'

currently being broadcast in Hong Kong.

Each of the actors have their special characteristics: Bosco is playful, Raymond is quick-witted, Charmaine is placid, and Sharon is lively. Although their personalities are different, they get along and work well together.

Raymond Lam on Harmony: "The most important thing is being comfortable. Sometimes you have to place others ahead of yourself, but if other people's thinking is really incompatible, then you can't force it. You say more with people you get along with and even if you don't have a lot in common, you can still say hi. As long as everyone is comfortable."

How Others See Raymond

Bosco: "Raymond is a gentleman. He is a very calm person. But I still like to joke around with him!"

Charmaine: "As we act as a couple in the series, we have a lot of scenes together. I got to know Raymond's generosity; his thinking is also very mature for his age. He has a definite opinion on many matters in life."

Sharon: "Actually, Raymond is a big kid, but he is very serious when it comes to work. He is very clear on his feelings and very attentive. During the filming of 'Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion', I fell sick. Raymond especially found a traditional Chinese doctor to cure my illness."

Raymond is afraid of the cold weather but he wants to dress nicely, so he spends more time on accessorizing. "Red is the color for Lunar New Year. The year of the dog is unlucky for me, if I had to wear red underwear to ward off bad luck, I would do so. But if I have to wear it outside, it wouldn't look good. The red sweater that I am wearing now is good; it is not too hot indoors. I am afraid of the cold, so I always wear a scarf. The hand-knit scarves from my fans are very useful."

Raymond's father is very good at cooking pickled dishes. "My father's hometown pickled pork is very delicious! I don't have the opportunity to eat it often, but we always have it for New Year! Also his pan-fried noodles are excellent!"

"Two years ago, I started giving out red envelopes to my parents, siblings, relatives, grandmother, and colleagues at work. Although the amount is not large, it's the thought that counts. You don't have to be married to give out red envelopes. Once you start working, it's nice to give to family members. But honestly, it is quite costly."

"This year I would love to attend the flower market, but I will not have the opportunity. I will be heading to China to film 'Tai Chi' and will not be familiar with the surroundings there. I am afraid of muggers, as they are quite aggressive during New Year."

"Each year, my home will have a big tangerine tree. The tree is taller than me. We hang red envelopes filled with money on its tree branches."

Charmaine On Harmony: "If you want others to treat you well, you have to do the same as well. You have to be polite, affable and try to help others. You can not be selfish."

How Others See Charmaine

Bosco: "At first I thought Charmaine was very reserved, but she can be quite playful. She will play tricks on you sometimes. For example, when I was filming close-up scenes, she would stand by and tickle my leg."

Raymond: "We are very compatible and work well together. Although Charmaine is older than me, she does not feel like an older sister though."

Sharon: "She is like an older sister to me, a level above Bosco and Raymond. At first I thought she was quite cool, but she is actually very playful and humorous. We like to have hot pot together. One day, a trick was being played on both of us, but Charmaine ran away quickly and I ended up with soda all over me."

A lot of girls like to wear traditional Chinese outfits for New Year, but Charmaine feels differently, "When I was young, I used to wear traditional outfits for New Year too. But after entering the industry, I have worn many ancient costumes, so it is no longer fresh. I like to wear modern clothes for New Year, preferrably red and sharp colors."

During New Year, Charmaine's grandmother would make red bean pastries. She would forbid anyone from entering the kitchen. "Grandmother said that if everyone is crowding the kitchen, then she will say the wrong things, bringing bad luck to the New Year. But when you tell children not to do something, they are more curious. Everytime we go in the kitchen, then grandmother would end up scolding us."

"A few years ago, I went to the flower market with a few colleagues. The market was very crowded, so our group got separated shortly. Around 2 AM, we were able to meet up again. We ate a few snacks and I bought some of my favorite flowers; I was very happy. Now I don't have a chance to go to the flower market again. This year, I have to work. For actors, Lunar New Year is a good time to make money. In China, the atmosphere is exciting, filled with firecrackers and lion dances."

"Every year, I place the Chinese New Year Greeting posters at my home. I always buy the narcissus bulbs and watch them blossom. I think they are very beautiful and fragrant; it is my favorite New Year flower."

Bosco On Harmony: "You have to take into account other people. Although you may be good friends, you are not always 100% compatible."

How Others See Bosco

Raymond: "Bosco and I are good friends. When I first entered the industry, we have already worked together. Although we may not always be in touch, but we have a good time when we do meet up, as we are both young people."

Charmaine: "Bosco likes to treat others for food. He knows how to cook and I have tried a few of his dishes. When we were filming in China, during break we didn't want to eat in the canteen. So we went to his room, which was equipped with an electric rice cooker. Under those circumstances, we still had a home cooked meal!"

Sharon: "Bosco is even more playful than Raymond. When we were filming 'Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion', he conspired with the production crew and poured soda into my ears. Despite this, we work well together. Bosco is a simple person; he is like a big brother who gives me advice on acting."

In 2005, Bosco's popularity increased dramatically. The price was loss of personal time, without time for vacation. "Every New Year, I would buy new clothes, new shoes, new underwear etc. There is no particular color as long as they are new. But last year I was too busy and it was the first time I forgot to buy new underwear."

Bosco is often proud of his own cooking skills. But his mother's daikon pastry is the best. "Normally my cooking is better than hers, but when it comes to her daikon pastry, it is the best in the world."

"When I was filming 'Find the Light', I was exhausted. I promised my mother to go to the flower market with her. But once filming wrapped up and I returned home, I fell unconscious. When I woke up, it was already the morning of New Year. Although no one blamed me because they knew I was tired from work."

"One year, I bought peach blossoms for my mother as I heard it would bring good luck. This was before I entered the industry. I bought a few branches home, but my mother scolded me. 'You should only buy one branch. It is not lucky to buy so many branches!' I still don't know how this would be an unlucky act."

"Every year, my mother would prepare grapefruit leaves [to ward off bad luck] for me to bathe in."

Sharon On Harmony: "You have to treat people with sincerity and honesty."

How Others See Sharon

Bosco: "Sharon is definitely a little girl; she needs others to take care of her most of the time. But she loves to learn!"

Raymond: "I call her my little sister, but in actuality she is older than me. I treat her like a younger brother, as she is very tomboyish. She is very straight forward and direct."

Charmaine: "Sharon is cheerful and lively. She is very direct; if she likes something, she will like it. If she doesn't like it, she will not like it. She is a good friend to have."

Ever since she was young, Sharon has had long hair. "When I was young, I would put them in two ponytails during New Year. I like to wear traditional Chinese outfits for New Year. Red is a lucky color. I would accessorize with a fashion update with jeans and long boots."

Sharon is well known for her love of food, but fear of gaining weight. She will eat more during Lunar New Year, as her mother's pastries are delicious. "When I think of my mother's pastries, I already want to eat them. So I always gain weight over the holiday! No matter how busy I am, I will always drive my mother to the flower market to buy flowers for New Year."

"When I was 6 years old, we went to China to celebrate New Year. There were firecrackers and the atmosphere was more lively than Hong Kong. I have never played with firecrackers before and was afraid I would get hurt. When the firecrackers exploded and the chickens ran away fearfully, I thought it was quite funny."

"In my home, all the Chinese New Year Greetings posters are hand written. When I was young, my father taught me how to write them. I don't buy them as I like to write them myself; it has a better feel to it."

"During New Year, red envelopes are very important to me. I would visit my relatives with my mother and count how much money I received, hoping that each year the sum grows. After I return home, I would place them underneath my pillow for good luck. When I was young, I would put part of the money I received in the bank and use the rest to buy toys."

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TVB Magazine #450
Fung Label

Ron Ng Wants To Find A Real Girlfriend Since Ella Is 'Out'

After Ron Ng and Ella Koon cooperated for TVB series 'Revolving Door of Vengeance', rumors has surrounded them for one full year. Now Ron even says out and boring, and announces that they need to find a 'new girl' on the spotlight.

Yesterday Twins, Kenny Kwan, Fiona Sit, Ivana Wong, Ella Koon and many others were filming for TVB's 'Jade Solid Gold'. Ron's rumored girlfriend Ella appears in numerous episodes and has different makeup on, perhaps there's a reason? Ron responds, "It's out already, old news. This rumor has been on for a year already. It'll be really boring if you continue on. I hope I can find a new one this year, not a rumored girlfriend, but a real one."

Ron expressed that he isn't picky and announced his ideal girlfriend, "I want to find a nice girlfriend that we can feel comfortable talking with each other, knows how to cook, not too short, must be pretty, and can be a proud girlfriend."

As with Ron 'bored' of Ella, she jokes, "Really? He really said that? Okay then! I will not question him and I don't want to find a new rumored boyfriend. I've been in the showbiz for three years already and I want to focus on work. I want the audience to remember my songs and not my rumors."

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Ron Drives Toby Home In His Motorcycle In Series

Last night Toby Leung and Ron Ng filmed an outdoor scene for series 《男人之苦》. The plot narrates that Toby's family is really strict and usually wouldn't let her out during the night. She has never ridden a motorcycle so to win her heart, Ron drives her home in his motorcycle.

During the filming process, TVB has especially rented a Harley motorcycle for Ron but it doesn't help Ron. He explains, "Because I don't even have a motorcycle license. I had thought of buying a motorcycle before since it's easy to park and you don't have to be stuck in traffic. But my family objected since they felt it wasn't safe so I did not get a license in the end."

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Jessica Hsuan Denies Sleeping With Rumored Boyfriend

Yesterday Jessica Hsuan was seen having a date with her foreign boyfriend and has invited him to stay over. Jessica explained, "We are friends, I'm just eating dinner with a friend. (It said he stayed over at your house.) He left after driving me home, I don't know why they wrote that. (Do you have any chances with him?) I don't know, maybe it's because I haven't dated in a while so I feel sensitive being with the opposite sex." The truth is that Jessica has been filming in mainland for 3 months and just wanted to invite some friends out for dinner.

As the new year is entering, she was asked whether she wants to find a boyfriend, she said, "Okay lah, it's not wanting it just because of the new years. If there is, there is. If there isn't, then there isn't. Plus I'm very busy since I will be filming a new series in March and will be flying to the Philipines for an outdoor scene."

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Monday, January 23, 2006

Rumours Do Not Affect Michelle

Michelle Ye since leaving TVB has graced numerous magazine covers, and her popularity has soared rather than plummet. Yesterday, she won an 'Most Explosively Improved TV Actress Award'「勁爆電視飛躍演員」, and she said that she did not know if she had won it based on her role in 'Central Affairs' or 'The Herbalist Manual'. She thanked TVB for grooming her all these years, and ATV for their support and faith in her.

Although she has won an award, people seem to be more interested in her negative news. For example, when she attended an event in Macau with her godfather, there was talk about how she seized opportunities to take photos with her godfather close to him. When asked if she was afraid that the negative publicity would affect her career development, she replied, “Today’s award is a positive news, and those news that have no basis in truth, I don’t consider them to be negative news. (What about the news about your godfather?) They (the tabloids) made up the news, it’s their problem. During work, I will obey my company’s arrangements. There’s no reason to penalize myself or make myself angry based on others’ mistakes. (Will you try to maintain some distance between yourself and your godfather?) I have nothing to hide. These news won’t affect the way I handle things or live my life.”

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Takungpao, Ming Pao Daily

Kenix Wins The Best Actress Award ... Finally

Kenix Kwok, who has always wanted to win a Best Actress Award, fulfilled her wish yesterday at the Metro Showbiz Television Awards 《新城勁爆電視大獎》 yesterday, together with Lisa Wang. Gracing the awards were Liza, Kenix, Bobby Au-Yeung, Roger Kwok, Angela Tong and Michelle Ye.

The Metro Showbiz Television Awards had given over 20 awards last night. The winners included:

The top 12 best actors/actresses: Liza Wang, Ron Ng, Roger Kwok, Charmaine Sheh, Bowie Lam, and others.

Best Male Lead: Roger Kwok

Best Female Lead: Kenix Kwok, Liza Wang

Most Popular Actor/Actress: Bosco Wong, Bernice Liu

Best Newcomer: Fiona Sit

Best Supporting Actor: Angela Tong

Most Improved Award: Michelle Ye

Best Series: 'War of In-Laws'

About Kenix winning with her, Liza says, "Good, it's not a problem, since everyone is happy." Finally getting the female lead award in her hands, Kenix says happily, "I'm very lucky to celebrate the happiness with Ah Jie. She is a great role model. (Did you know only this category had double winners?) I don't know why." But if counting Liza's series 'War of In Laws' receving best series award, Liza had won Kenix in the number of awards.

Roger Kwok won the 'Best Actor Award' for his role as Ah Wong, and when asked if he would be like Hacken, proposing to his girlfriend upon winning an award, he said, “I won’t follow what he did; I must have my own style. But I think Hacken’s style was very dramatic. Love is great, and no one is greater than it. I will congratulate Hacken. (Will you be getting married?) I don’t have such plans yet. I will make more money first, and my girlfriend is still young, so no need to hurry!”

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Bosco's Win Over Ron At The Awards

Bosco Wong and Bernice Liu respectively clinched the Most Popular Actor and Most Popular Actress respectively. Their family members were present to support them, and Bosco gave his mum a big kiss. Ron Ng won a comparatively small award, and when asked if he felt that he had “won” Ron, Bosco replied, “you can’t use the term ‘won’. We’ve all tried very hard.”

There were quite a few rumours about Bosco last year, and when asked if he felt that more rumours led to greater popularity, he laughed and said, “rumours don’t help. Hard work does.” He had worked hard for a year with little rest, so the award was bittersweet for him. This is his 5th award since starting out in show business, and since this is the reward for his hard work, he will treasure it. How does he intend to reward himself? He said he would buy himself something over CNY.

Ron does not think that he has lost to Bosco; it’s only that last year, he had spent more effort on his music career. When asked if he would be spending more time on TV this year, Ron said that he was currently filming a new serial The Pain of Being a Man 《男人之苦》, and hoped that he would have the opportunity to film a movie as it pays better and was easier work. When asked if he hoped to win a movie acting award, he said, “not so fast. After all, I’m a newbie in movies. (Do you worry if you can split your time between your music, TV and movie careers?) I’ll let my manager arrange that.”

This is Bernice Liu’s 1st award in 2006, and she thanked her family and fans for their support. After 4 years of hard work, it has finally paid off. “The next year is the Year of the Dog, maybe it’s my dogs that have brought me good luck! (How will you reward yourself?) By working harder. The award is already my reward.” Rumoured boyfriend Moses Chan had also won an award, but as he was working in China, he could not be present to receive it. Did he ask her to collect the award on his behalf? “No! The company will make the arrangements. (Where is he right now?) I don’t know. (Have you guys not been in contact for a long time?) We haven’t been in contact since he’s not in HK.”

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Deep Ng & Nancy Wu Generously Hold Hands

Deep Ng and Nancy Wu has often been rumored together by the media. Yesterday both of them attended a promotional function and the MC Cutie Mui played jokes on them. She requested them to hold hands on stage, causing both of them to become embarassed.

Yesterday Jolie Chan, Don Li, Mandy Chiang, Deep Ng, Nancy Wu, and others attended the TVB Chinese New Years Event. Nancy and Deep were immediately requested by Cutie to hold hands. Both of them were seen talking on stage and not avoiding each other. Perhaps their relationship is real?

Deep was asked whether holding hands with Nancy means admitting the relationship. He expressed, "Should we have not held hands? I have to generously respect the function. We're not dating right now so don't say things now!" He was also asked whether he had the thoughts of asking Nancy out, "No, we are both good friends. If we have the chance in the future, we will announce it. Everyone has a love life or how would they sing love songs?"
Nancy was also asked about admitting the relationship, she said, "What? No, it's nothing special!" She also expressed that she will be spending Chinese New Year at Deep's house to get red envelopes, and has seen Deep's parents before.

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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Rain Li Gets Hospitalized While Reporters Rushes In

Yesterday Rain Li had went to a hospital in Causeway Bay and had to stay and be checked for 24 hours. She left the hospital at noon and the health report will be out tomorrow, therefore the sickness is still unknown. Pale-faced Rain expressed that yesterday she fell at home and had hurt her chest bone. She suddenly felt pain so the company told her to go for a check.

Because Rain was hospitalized this time, it caused a huge crowd of reporters 'exploding' in the hospital. Rain said, "I was in the room with my mom and didn't know what happened. Someone rushed in to take pictures and my mom immediately forced them out. Then I called my mananger and company staffs."

Rain had explained to her mananger and she said, "The opposite party was a reporter. I think for them to make an exclusive reporter, they had to interfere with a celebrity's privacy. I think that really disrespectful so I will follow the law to investigate the rights."

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The Sun

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Bosco, Sonjia, Charmaine, Sharon Promote For LWOLAP

Yesterday Sonjia Kwok, Charmaine Sheh, Bosco Wong, and others were at apm for a promotional function for 'Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion'. Recently Sonjia has been focusing in filming mainland, but doesn't think that her popularity has dropped. She said, "It might only look like that on the outside. I've recently received advertisement invitations and work continues to pile." Bosco expressed that with as Chinese New Year is coming, he will be able to rest and sleep. He said, "On the first day, I will stay home and sleep. Second day, I would probably have a bbq with friends and old classmates for a get-together." Charmaine has tried buying peach blossoms before and felt that her luck became very powerful. Despite the blossoms' luck to artists, she will only be buying regular flowers home this time.

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MingPao News

Mounts Of Rumours Surround Michelle Ye For New Series "Honoured Rascal"

Gordon Chan's new film, "Honoured Rascal" has officially started filming yesterday afternoon, but its negative news has already raced ahead. One of its cast, Michelle Ye, again couldn't escape from the claws of "rumours", she was said to have been degraded from the first female lead down to the fifth female lead. Towards these reports, Michelle could only smile and push them away.

"Honoured Rascal" has officially started filming yesterday afternoon, its cast including Ronald Cheng, Theresa Fu, Miki Yeung, Ella Koon and Michelle Ye all attended the blessing ceremony, but Pace Wu declared her absence at the last minute.

Yesterday afternoon, Michelle seemed like she had something on her mind the whole time, towards being degraded to a supporting character, Michelle strongly expressed that there was no such thing, "The titles of the gossip magazines nowadays are beyond what you can think of. Towards which of the cast is playing which character, I can only say that I believe in what the director decides." Director Gordon Chan also clears up that there was nothing about switching the characters and casts around and said, "Within my heart, all five of them are female leads. Their screentime is very equal." Also, Michelle once again explains that she doesn't know Chan Kwok Keung and says that the SMS messages posted on the magazines were definitely made up by the media to decept the readers.

Recently, there has been magazines reporting that Miriam Yeung has organized her house according to FungShui to tie Ronald down and get back together with him. After Ronald heard it, he started laughing immediately and expressed that it's impossible. "(What's impossible? Impossible that Miriam would do something like that or impossible for you two to get back together?) Haven't thought about that. In this movie, I have to portray two characters, and I'm already having a hard time. I should take more time to sleep rather than think about this stuff." After the blessing ceremony ended, Michelle immediately rushed over to Macau to attend the EEG Entertainment Hotel's Grand Opening Ceremony. It was said that she was invited by her godfather, Cheng Yu Tung.

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Friday, January 20, 2006

Ron Ng's First Concert: Bosco, Niki, Bernice & Jade Perform

Ron Ng’s first concert since becoming under BMA management was held on Thursday night. Ron’s friends from the entertainment circle, including, rumoured girlfriend, Niki Chow, Bosco Wong, Bernice Liu and Jade Kwan performed at the concert. Although, Ron’s rumoured girlfriend, Ella Koon, did not attend the concert, fans kept shouting out her name during the performance.

During a performance, Bosco asked Ron what kind of girls did he like and if he liked girls with long hair and big eyes. Ron used Ha Ping and Janice Wei to dodge rumours.

At the concert, Ron and Niki sang ‘Goodbye Puppy Love’ (再見Puppy Love). Ron then sang ‘Don’t Blame Her’ (別怪他) with Jade. It was organised that after performing with Ron, Jade was suppose to sing by herself. But Ron forgot and called Niki up to the stage. Bernice sang ‘Remembrance Day’ (紀念日) with Ron, which received great reactions from the crowd.

After the concert, Ron was asked to give his performance a rating out of 10. Ron gave himself 7 points and said that he hopes to improve and will be able to achieve 100%. When asked to comment on fans catcalling Ella’s name, Ron said that he and Ella working together is the past and the past is the past.

On the other hand, Bosco brought up Ron’s rumours during the concert. When asked if he was afraid
Ron will be mad, Bosco said that he was just making fun. Bosco then went on to say that he did not hear fans calling out Ella’s name when asked by the media. Bosco stated that to be able to perform at this concert, he really enjoyed it. Bosco hopes to improve his singing and dancing to enter the music industry.

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Takungpao, The Sun