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Monday, January 30, 2006

Ada Choi To Have A Properous Dog Year

Ada Choi haven't spent that much time in Hong Kong this past year. She spent most of her time filming in mainland so she chose to return to Hong Kong with her family during CNY. About her New Years wish, she said, "I hope everyone in my family, my friends, and myself are healthy, and have prosperous work."

In the dog year, Ada's luck should be good since her series 《七劍下天山》 that was filmed last year will soon begin to air in Taiwan and China. Ada also says with great expectations, "I've worked hard last year... I should have alot of profits this year!"

As with the love aspect, Ada jokes, "Don't happen right now! I should work hard in work first. I have no time to date and the most important is happiness. (Then you should pass out red envelopes if you're happy!) I will not pass them out! (What about red envelopes to the workers?) I'm not at the same level as Ah Jie yet, I'm still a little girl so I don't have the status to pass them out yet!"

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The Sun


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