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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Ada Choi Will Lie About Her Love Life

After Ada Choi had broken up with Nicholas Wu, she had kept her love life a secret. Yesterday she attended a clothing store's grand opening and expressed that right now she only has work and will not announce it if she does have a boyfriend. She said, "How's my love life? Even if I do have one, I will not annouce it. Even if I don't have one, I will say I do. If something in the future causes us to break up, people will make up stuff. I don't want to reveal my privacy. (Scared that they will talk about you like Gigi Leung and Ekin Cheng?) I just won't admit who it is!"

During this month, Ada will go to Israel to film for TVB. But because the local political situation is not steady, she is worried that it will affect her traveling. She was asked whether she had bought insurance, "I had already bought it earlier. But before I leave, I will videotape myself and saying everything I want to say to my friends, just in case."

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