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Monday, January 30, 2006

Ah Jei, Myolie, Challenging Each Other With Words To Celebrate New Year

Rude Mother-in-law Liza earlier asked Myolie to have New Year's meal, and somehow mentioned the rumor between her and Bosco. When they saw each other at the meal, Liza Jie immediately asked Myolie to call Bosco. Myolie was surprised and didn't know how to react, and could only laugh out loud to cover the silence.

Liza, Myolie, and Bosco in 'Wars of In-Laws' became the top three highest rating series last year, and awarded Liza Jie the Best Actress Award as well. Whenever Ah Jie and Myolie see each other nowadays, they still greet each other as Mother-in-law and Daughter-in-law.
Ah Jie herself is from Shanghai, and knew that Myolie will have to film 'Tai Gik' during the middle of the month, therefore, decided to celebrate New Year and have a meal with Myolie in advance. During the meal,
Liza Jie made fun of Myolie immediately after she saw her. "I wish you success with sweet love!" Afterwards, in front of all the media people, she seriously asked Myolie to call Bosco, "Tell him that our meal is very good. Let him become jealous!" Myolie did not anticipate such comments, and could not respond, so she embarrasingly smiled to close out the awkwardness.

However, Liza Jie would not let go. When she gave Myolie a red envelope, she also added a second envelope, asking Myolie to give the additional one to Bosco in person. Myolie was well behaved and listened to Liza Jie, agreeing to do so. Seems like the relationship between the two of them in fact is close!

Despite only the presence of Liza Jie and Myolie, both of them were quite ready for everything. Liza ordered sixteen Shanghai style dishes, and all of them were very delicious!

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