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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Alex Fong Goes To Twins' Concert!

Alex Fong has been seen attending Twins’ concert. When asked to comment on how sexy his rumoured girlfriend, Gillian Chung, was dressed, Alex did not reply. Alex only said that he was supporting them as a friend. To make sure his attendance would not be too publicised, Alex bought his own ticket to see the concert.

After the concert, Alex was asked to give some suggestions to Twins’ performance. Alex let out a ‘wah’ sound and said that Twins’ will know. Alex was sitting on the forth row at the concert and was seen by Gillian and Charlene. The two later on acknowledged his presence. When asked if he thought the concert was entertaining, Alex said it was good and that Twin’s have improved a lot. Alex was asked if he wanted to go and stage and play activities. He said that he did put his hand up but Twins did not choose him.

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