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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Alex & Stephy Will Have Kiss Scene In New Movie

The old rumored couple Alex Fong and Stephy Tang will act as a married couple in new movie 《獨家試愛》 and will also have kiss scenes. Alex expressed that before filming he does not have to tell rumored girlfriend Gillian. Alex and Stephy are also not worried about causing Gillian to be mad because of this.

Yesterday Alex, Stephy, Leila Tong, and others were at the new movie's lighting ceremony. Stephy and Alex will act as husband and wife and they will also have a minute long exciting kiss scene. They both feel very nervous about this scene and Alex joked that he will be giving his first kiss. Having Stephy has the partner, it makes the scene awkward. They are ready for it to cause more rumors, but are not worried that it will affect Gillian.

Before filming the kiss scene, will he tell Gillian? Alex said, "I've told the company. (What about Gillian?) There's not need to, it's not related. (Not related?) I'm not saying anymore!" When Stephy was asked whether the kiss scene will cause Gillian to be unsatisfiled, she said, "Not afraid. It's acting, what would be there to be mad about? (Girls can be easily mad.) We're just working and we are all just friends. (Afraid of becoming a real relationship?) No, we've already cooperated for a long time and I have no special feelings towards him."

In the movie, Alex will also be working with a sexy girl, acting as the third person to Stephy and his relationship. Alex said that in real life, he has never been the third person, but have had a third person snatch away his girlfriend.

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