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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Bernice Liu Celebrates Her 27th Birthday

January 6th is Bernice Liu's 27th birthday and had celebrated with around 10 fans earlier. First time celebrating birthday with fans, she also brought along her beloved dogs Mac and Bailey to the party! When she was asked about rumored boyfriend Moses Chan, she laughed that she doesn't know whether he will sent a text message for her birthday.

The day after tomorrow (Jan. 6th) is exactly Bernice's birthday, but she might have to work for series Keung Gim Gong Woo. If luckily she does not have work, she will choose to celebrate her birthday with her family. She said, "Because my brother is in Beijing working and he is especially coming back this year, so it's hard for my family to be together." When she was asking whether Moses has sent her an sms, she said, "I don't know. But I think I will receive alot of my friend's messages. My brithday wish is to receive alot of series."

On the day of the party, a male fan knew that Bernice loves strawberries so he quickly went to learn how to make a strawberry cake. That caused her to be excitingly happy, but when the male fan offered her the cake, she became really shy. Bernice said, "I had received alot of presents and even some for my two dogs."

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