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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Bernice Loves Comfortable Shoes The Best

When everyone believes that 'success depends on a pair of hands', they should also not forget about the pair of legs! Bernice is busy filming series this year and she understands the importance of legs.

Filming series has became a part of Bernice's life. She expressed that on usual days, she loves to wear simple and comfortable shows the most. For functions or other special shows, she would then wear high heels. Bernice says, "Sometimes when we film, we have to go outdoors like up in the mountains. So without a pair of comfortable shoes, it's impossible to walk on! When I have to wear heels for the series, I would change shoes when it is finally time to. Also because I've learned how to dance since elementry school, I definately pay great attention to my legs."

Bernice expressed that she has been a spokesperson for Footspot for quite a while already. Other than sponsoring her usual shoes, they also sponsored the shoes she has to wear series. Bernice believes that girls loves to be pretty, but she isn't the 'risking their lives just to be pretty' kind of girls. She said, "Maybe it's because I've grew up out of the country. People there wear simple clothes that makes them feel comfortable. The most important is the shoe being comfortable!"

Bernice introduces Santa Barbara shoes to everyone, which she thinks is the most comfortable shoes. She refers to the shoes as coordinating with the human footlines. It works great on ordinary days and is the best for walking.

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