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Friday, January 06, 2006

Bosco Can Cause Myolie To Have A Lucky Life

Yesterday Myolie Wu attended a function, receiving a 5 figure amount pay for it. Professer Mak Ling Ling also said that she is lucky when she is around people with 'three dots of water' in their chinese name, which made people think of rumored boyfriend Bosco Wong.

After people thought of Bosco, Myolie quickly said, "That's why the series War of In Laws is so successful. We should have a sequel, I will tell the company later on." She also refered to Liza Wang, "I should also tell Ah Jie!" The reporters joked that she can use that excuse for going out with Bosco in the future, she laughed and said, "Yes! Then I don't need to make up an excuse and have to avoid them."

Last night 'mother-in-law' Liza had invited Myolie and Bosco on to the Unforgettables. Afterwards, Myolie went back to mainland to film for Tai Gik. When Bosco was asked whether he will go and visit her, he said, "No! It's because I have alot of work currently and don't have time." Before the filming, Liza told Myolie that she has to sing good, causing Myolie to have pressure. She said, "It'll be really embarassing if we have a NG, it's scary after listening to Liza!" But unexpectedly, Liza was the one that had NGs twice!

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