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Friday, January 20, 2006

Bosco Wong Receives 20 Punches From Sharon

Yesterday Bosco Wong and Sharon Chan filmed an outdoor scene for new series 'Keung Gim Gong Woo'. The plot talks about fighter girl Sharon punching Bosco's chest to test his fighting ability. Because Sharon kept having NGs, Bosco had to survive 20 punches innocently. Plus, each punch does have a loud sound, and it seems like Bosco's lungs are going to get 'hurt'.

Afterwards Sharon said, "I'm just good at dancing and not fighting since I do not have a kung fu background. This is only my second time filming an action series, so to me it is pretty hard. (Bosco had to survive many of your punches today!) Can't help it! Filming is like this! For the effect to look real, I can't do fake punches. Bosco even told me to use more strength, now that's professional. (Are you afraid that he's going to be mad?) No, no matter in the series or outside, we are brothers and sisters. Plus, it won't hurt that much with all the thick ancient costumes." Bosco also joked that Sharon's punches were weak and didn't hurt.
Sharon expressed that in the series, she will be often fighting with Bosco and Bernice.

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