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Monday, January 09, 2006

Bosco Wong Secretly Signs With BMA

After Ron Ng signed with BMA entering the music industry, another TVB Siu Sung is now allied with BMA. He was said to be secretly recording songs, ready to fight his way into the music industry.

Ron's development has been quite good. Other than successfully releasing his first album, he will also be holding a mini concert this month. After seeing such thrill, Bosco has decided to entered the music industry as well. He has been cooperating with BMA and now 'brothers' with Ron, working their way to develop in this industry.

Bosco's popularity has increased alot because of 'War Of In-Laws. He has also been having rumors with Fa Dan Myolie Wu recently, no wonder why alot of music companies were 'greeting him'. After a bunch of decisions, he has finally signed with BMA and is in the same company as Ron. He has been secretly selecting songs for recording and might quickly release his first EP.

After signing with BMA, Ron has released his EP with great responses. Also on this month's 19th, he will be holding a mini concert at Kowloon and has invited rumored girlfriend Niki Chow, Jade Kwan, Bosco Wong, and Bernice Liu as special guests. When asked about his concert details, Ron said happily, "Of course I'm really happy being able to have my own concert. I will certainly do my best. (What will you sing then?) Most likely my own songs, but I don't know the details yet and I only know that there will be duets. I will just leave the planning to the company and now I am continuously running to practice breathing. I hope I won't disappoint anyone that day."

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