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Monday, January 23, 2006

Bosco's Win Over Ron At The Awards

Bosco Wong and Bernice Liu respectively clinched the Most Popular Actor and Most Popular Actress respectively. Their family members were present to support them, and Bosco gave his mum a big kiss. Ron Ng won a comparatively small award, and when asked if he felt that he had “won” Ron, Bosco replied, “you can’t use the term ‘won’. We’ve all tried very hard.”

There were quite a few rumours about Bosco last year, and when asked if he felt that more rumours led to greater popularity, he laughed and said, “rumours don’t help. Hard work does.” He had worked hard for a year with little rest, so the award was bittersweet for him. This is his 5th award since starting out in show business, and since this is the reward for his hard work, he will treasure it. How does he intend to reward himself? He said he would buy himself something over CNY.

Ron does not think that he has lost to Bosco; it’s only that last year, he had spent more effort on his music career. When asked if he would be spending more time on TV this year, Ron said that he was currently filming a new serial The Pain of Being a Man 《男人之苦》, and hoped that he would have the opportunity to film a movie as it pays better and was easier work. When asked if he hoped to win a movie acting award, he said, “not so fast. After all, I’m a newbie in movies. (Do you worry if you can split your time between your music, TV and movie careers?) I’ll let my manager arrange that.”

This is Bernice Liu’s 1st award in 2006, and she thanked her family and fans for their support. After 4 years of hard work, it has finally paid off. “The next year is the Year of the Dog, maybe it’s my dogs that have brought me good luck! (How will you reward yourself?) By working harder. The award is already my reward.” Rumoured boyfriend Moses Chan had also won an award, but as he was working in China, he could not be present to receive it. Did he ask her to collect the award on his behalf? “No! The company will make the arrangements. (Where is he right now?) I don’t know. (Have you guys not been in contact for a long time?) We haven’t been in contact since he’s not in HK.”

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