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Monday, January 16, 2006

Charmaine & Gigi Stands In Middle Of TVB New Years Cards

Yesterday TVB's New Year cards are out, featuring 72 entertainers under TVB managerment. The cards are three-dimensional and the Fa Dans and Siu Sungs will be on the 'three-dimensional position'. 'Double sisters' Charmaine Sheh and Gigi Lai gets to stand in the middle of the page, followed by Ron Ng and Kevin Cheng on their sides. 'First brother' and 'first sister' Roger and Jessica also got to stand right in the middle, revealing their position with TVB.

Being the biggest company in Hong Kong, TVB has expanded their manager department last year and had became much more prosperous. This year's New Years cards are aimed at local and overseas customers. The cards will include 72 new and under TVB management artists with the main focus on the order of the Fa Dans and Siu Sungs. TVB has spent a great deal of time in the ordering with highly promoted Charmaine and in the middle, followed by GigiRon and Kevin, Myolie and Tavia, and finally Raymond and Bosco.

Roger and Jessica were also standing in the middle, followed by Melissa Ng, Bowie Lam, and Moses Chan. Michael Miu and Angela Tong also got to take part in this. But despite the popularity of Li Siu Ho, Angela could still only stand in the last row.

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