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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Charmaine Sheh, The Big Winner Of Astros Awards

Malaysian tv had held their Astro series awards with TVB celebrities attending. Raymond Lam and Charmaine Sheh with Twin Brothers and War & Beauty received the Favorite Male and Female award respectively. Charmaine also received the favorite couple award with Chilam Cheung in Point of No Return. Maggie Cheung had recieved the favorite character role award. She seemed a bit emotional when receiving her award; she said with her health, she felt unlucky about herself. She felt really happy to receive her first award of a new start in 2006. Raymond had defeated Dayo Wong, Ron Ng, and Roger Kwok in receiving the best male lead award and he had thanked the audiences for their wonderful support.

During the award show, Ron performed his song 'Don't Blame Her'. Even though he was a bit off at points, the fans still greatly supported him.

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