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Monday, January 23, 2006

Deep Ng & Nancy Wu Generously Hold Hands

Deep Ng and Nancy Wu has often been rumored together by the media. Yesterday both of them attended a promotional function and the MC Cutie Mui played jokes on them. She requested them to hold hands on stage, causing both of them to become embarassed.

Yesterday Jolie Chan, Don Li, Mandy Chiang, Deep Ng, Nancy Wu, and others attended the TVB Chinese New Years Event. Nancy and Deep were immediately requested by Cutie to hold hands. Both of them were seen talking on stage and not avoiding each other. Perhaps their relationship is real?

Deep was asked whether holding hands with Nancy means admitting the relationship. He expressed, "Should we have not held hands? I have to generously respect the function. We're not dating right now so don't say things now!" He was also asked whether he had the thoughts of asking Nancy out, "No, we are both good friends. If we have the chance in the future, we will announce it. Everyone has a love life or how would they sing love songs?"
Nancy was also asked about admitting the relationship, she said, "What? No, it's nothing special!" She also expressed that she will be spending Chinese New Year at Deep's house to get red envelopes, and has seen Deep's parents before.

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