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Monday, January 16, 2006

Ekin "All Smiles" When Asked About Rumours With Ex-Gf Maggie Siu

Ekin Cheng has been fighting constant media attention surrounding his high-profile break-up with Gigi Leung. Reporters are on the chase regarding rumors of Gigi putting her Marina Cove love nest back on the market and Ekin cozying up to ex-girlfriend Maggie Siu during troubled times, but the actor remains mum. Ekin was spotted at the airport at 6:25 in the morning with his assistant en route to Thailand to shoot a commercial. Donning sunglasses, he didn't look tired at all. In fact, Ekin looked quite comfortable and was in all smiles. He was also in smiles when reporters asked if he had been spending time with Maggie (but Ekin said a quick goodbye and refused to give up details.) Manager Sandy Lamb San San hollered back saying her client won't speak any more about the breakup and said two new movies and record by Ekin will quickly follow. The singer will also be in Canada during early November to participate as a judge in a talent competition. Sandy expects work to keep Ekin very busy.

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