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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Ekin Cheng Shoots New Advertisement For Canon

Recently Ekin filmed a new television advertisement for Canon. The advertisement has an outer space theme. To achieve this Ekin hung in mid air for more than 9 hours for the filming, which will also use a number of computer special effects. The company did find a person to substitute for Ekin for some of the time but finally Ekin refused the help. He said, that as long as the film company made sufficient provisions for safety he believed he would unlikely have any problems, besides he added, during normal filming of difficult scenes he seldom uses a stand-in. He actually enjoyed the sense of accomplishment from doing the scenes himself. He talked about during the advertisement it will seem as if he is flying there and back from space, and in addition he will pretend to sleep.

"Actually in the air I will pretend to sleep, but only two wires balance my body, that was a little difficult, not only because it was high, but also because my hands and feet didn't have any support. In addition the clothing was very difficult to control to make everything look natural. However for the sake of the film we wanted to include an even more difficult action attempt, such as take a camera into the air and then it was my turn to take the picture. The resulting effect is very good."

Ekin has collaborated with Canon for 4 years, he said that between everyone there was and unwritten contract, so that it was a cheerful collaboration. he added that perhaps in the future he might have the chance to carry a camera actually into outer space.

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