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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Ella Koon Arrives Late for 'Shopaholics' Premiere

Last night Ella Koon attended the premiere of the movie, 'Shopaholics', and was late for 45 minutes. Afterwards, Ella apologized to everyone and self-ridiculed that she is only a 'cameo'.

Organized for the premiere to start at 9, Ella ended up being late for 45 minutes and had to retake the group photos with Cecilia Cheung, Jordan Chan, and other actors. Before attended, Ella has called the company to tell them that she has to go to a trade development center's function before coming here so she might be running late, she says, "If it was inconvenient to anyone, I am really sorry. I had left the function earlier when it still didn't end at 9!" She expressed that she really respect this time's premiere and even if she's late, she would definately rush here. As with Ron being booed when receiving his award earlier, Ella supports him and says he deserved it.

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