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Friday, January 06, 2006

Ella Koon Sneaks Out To Go Shopping

Ella Koon had just finished filming a film called (not sure what the film is called since the translator did not put that in the translation). Days ago at about 8pm, Ella was found shopping with her friends near Patterson Road. They went into a few shops, then they went into a shop selling branded sport shoes and stayed for quite a while. After that, they left with a bag of sport shoes, and Ella was happily talking to her friends.

When being asked about her shopping trip, Ella said that recently she did not have time at all to go shopping due to her tight schedule. So, once she had time, even it was little, she straightaway asked her friends out to shop for her sport shoes. Finally she saw a pair of sport shoes that she liked, so she bought it without hesitation. And she was so happy that she could not stop talking with her friends.

[X] credit: Hue @
The Sun


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