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Monday, January 16, 2006

Ella Koon Will Dub For Movie Ice Age 2

Ella Koon's dream of dubbing for a movie has finally came true. She will be dubbing for an American animation as an elephant and she also expressed that dubbing is actually not hard.
Ella has begun to love cartoons ever since her childhood and would always imitate their voices, so dubbing for a movie is one of her goals. Ella will be dubbing for movie 'Ice Age 2' during the New Years, she says happily, "I've always wanted to dub voices backstage so I'm really happy to have this chance. I am responsible for the voice of a female elephant and the guy elephant will be Charles Ying."

Even though this is her first time, it is not hard for smart Ella, she says, "At first, the America movie company listened to my demo and said my voice was to 'womanly'. It's the first time I've heard someone say that, alot of people say my voice is like a tomboy. But dubbing is actually not that hard and it will be done soon!"

Regarding her other work, she will be accepting a role as a girl fighter in a movie with other actors such as Ronald Cheng and Jan Lam. She says, "I think it will not be boring filming for this movie because they always know how to joke around." After filming the movie, she will be recording for her new album for April.

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