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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Fala & Raymond Has Eaten Dinner Together

Miss Hong Kong, Carrie Lam, Sharon Luk, Shermon Tang and Miss Chinese International, Fala Chen attended the press conference of a charity. Fala was the host of the conference. As Fala does not speak Cantonese properly and because this is the first time she will speak Cantonese as the host, Fala prepared beforehand. Firstly, Fala translated the script and then practiced in front of her friends.

Fala expressed that she understands 80% to 90% of written Chinese but cannot pronounce the word correctly in Cantonese. Earlier, Fala and Raymond Lam have been rumoured to be a couple because they were seen at a karaoke together. When questioned if she had asked Raymond to help her with Chinese,
Fala said that Raymond is busy and has gone to mainland to work. When asked if she has eaten dinner with Raymond, Fala admitted that she, Raymond and a group of friends have eaten dinner together. But they do not usually go out alone. Fala expressed that as a celebrity, she has to be careful. Even if she goes out with female friends, she is still afraid of being seen. But she believes that as 20 year olds, dating is a personal thing. Fala also stated that she is currently not dating anyone.

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