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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Fashion Critique At 2005 Chik Chak Music Awards

Fashion Critiques (by the writer)

The Worst Dressed:

1. Twins - 'Sam Sui Bo' Style
At first glance I thought, "Oh no, forget it, get on stage." The whole oufits looked messy. The worse was the dragon of a tail. The cloth looked like style from 'Sam Sui Bo'. If it were a dancer's outfit, I would forgive them. The outfit was just messy.
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2. Denise Ho - Far From Anita Mui
The outfit isn't too bad but, the bad thing is that Denise has been "trying too hard" lately to follow in the fashion footsteps of the late Anita Mui but, Anita's fashion is not one where 'if you want to follow, you can.' Denise doesn't look bad but why doesn't she search for a path in which it brings her own originality?
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3. Miriam Yeung - Ten Years Meets One Day
Miriam looked like she didn't try when it came to her outfit. What she has to change is the hair, no matter if you wear sneakers and jeans or yesterday's black dress, the hair is 'ten year meets one day' and the outfit was wasted. The hair did not make the outfit stand out, there was nothing special.
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The Best Dressed
1. Eason Chan - Person, Song, and Outfit All in One Package
Eason: Song was good, outfit was good, and he looked like a winner. Big difference between before and after the award ceremony started. Before the ceremony started if he stepped out you would think "oh, no!" but, he got it together before the ceremony started. No one at the ceremony cared if he was fat or not, no one cared if he was good looking or not, he dressed in all black with a gold hat, not "dressed down" at all. His outfit matched the stage and the theme of the ceremony.
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2. Fiona Sit - Simple and Classic
Once Fiona stepped up, her song and outfit was great. Not too much yet, not too little, she had the simple and classic look. She proved that in this day and age, you don't have to dress heavily, simple and fashionable works also.
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3. Joey Yung - Never Changing Young Queen
Joey works very hard to be a never changing young queen and she proved she was successful at it. The whole outfit was just right, the hair, the red beaded necklace, and red gloves fitted her never changing young queen look. It wasn't anything hard to put together yet it had a touch of the late Anita Mui. The only thing is that the whole outfit was seen formely on Sammi Cheng; therefore, not original enough.
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