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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Fiona Sit To Substitute Miriam In 'Love Undercover 3'

A 'newcomer' in the movie industry, Fiona Sit will be substituting Miriam Yeung in 'Love Undercover 3'. Fiona thinks that she cannot be compared with Miriam, "I have watched the two parts that Miriam starred in. It's impossible to do better than her. I will act in my own style, taking it in as a new movie." She is also ready so steal some tips from Chow Yun Fat, "His movie 《我愛扭紋柴》 was really good."

Moreover, Fiona was having New Years photoshoots with disciple Khalil Fong and reminds him that he has to play during New Years, "Celebrities always have to work no matter what and cannot see the CNY flowers!" Then Khalil responses, "I'd rather work for money!"

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