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Friday, January 06, 2006

Gigi & Ekin's Managers Confirm Split Up Rumors

The year 06 has begun and the first pair in the entertainment circle have split. Six years ago Ekin and Gigi received a lot of pressure stepping into the relationship road. No one predicted that yesterday rumors of their split would spread. Both Gigi and Ekin’s managers have confirmed this situation.

Six years ago, when Gigi Leung stepped into Ekin and Maggie Siu’s relationship they were titled 「奪麵雙琪」(Meen refers to Ekin and Seung Kei is both Gigi and Maggie because of the same Kei in their chinese name). When Ekin and Gigi liked each other they were named [Bad Hearted People]. Gigi was also accused of stealing someone else’s boyfriend. So the sacrifice the two made for this relationship isn’t small. But after many years, the public started accepting the two. The two have always refused to take pictures together and even cooperate together. Gigi always denied it but many reports have been made about this situation causing both Ekin and Gigi to come out and deny. The two expressed that their relationship was stable and the two will even go vacation during Christmas together.

Gigi expressed on Christmas Eve that she will rest and go on vacation with her boyfriend. She won’t appear at any awards ceremony. So everyone thought they would have a sweet Christmas but never would have guessed it would be a split up Christmas

Yesterday reporters contacted Gigi’s manager, she confirmed that Gigi and Ekin have split. (Didn’t Gigi say that she and Ekin would go to Japan for Christmas vacation together?) She replied, “To my understanding, they didn’t even go. I know that Gigi went to Taiwan to work for Christmas. But the company will limit an Artist’s personal time and activities.

Gigi’s manager revealed that the two had reached mutual agreement on this split. The two are always individually busy and had very little time to see each other. Gigi requested for more time to spend with her family. (Was there a third person?) Gigi’s manager said, “The two’s split has already happened so the outside shouldn’t speculate”

When asked again who wanted to split up first, Gigi’s manager refused with a straightforward reply. She only said, “Who started it isn’t under the control of us.” So is this a hint it was Ekin’s idea to split up first? She replies, “You can go ask Ekin yourself. I can only say that the two have split but will remain friends.” (What are Gigi’s feelings right now? Is she not happy?) Gigi’s manager said that the company of course does not want its artists not to be happy, but she herself thinks that Gigi’s feelings are stable and will continue work.

On the other hand Ekin’s manager said, “This is personal stuff so as a manager I can only confirm the two’s split. Ekin will appear at a camera function very soon, at that time he will reply to the matters. I can only say, even if they can’t work it out as a love partners, they can still be friends. The also two reached mutual agreement before they split!”

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