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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Gigi Leung's Turn To Confirm Breakup With Ekin

The incessant gossip concerning the breakup of Ekin and Gigi gave rise to a number of avoidance measures by them both. Gigi was first to meet the press. She looked visibly tired and upset, but she confirmed the breakup saying it was because feelings had changed, and work for them both is so busy that they seldom had time to be together, but added that they are still friends. Gigi wrote a letter for the media to explain that she and Ekin parted amicably and she hoped that the media would give them space and time.

There is also speculation that Ekin is considering moving away from Sai Kung to Li Shan so as to make a clear break from Gigi.

Some reports indicate that Gigi had worked hard to try to save this relationship, from asking her record company to give her more time to be with family and cancelling events to spend time with Ekin. Her intention had been to go to Japan with Ekin, but it seems they argued before he left and so while Ekin went to Japan with his manager and friends, she changed her plans and went to Taiwan with her mother, hoping that each could think about the rift between them. It seems that when Ekin returned he raised the idea of parting company, they talked about it and agreed to peacefully part.

Reports also talk about the fact that Ekin supports Maggie Siu financially, which did not please Gigi, in addition she found it hard to bear the fact that Ekin's career was not as active as her own. She spent many months away from Hong Kong and so she was seldom able to spend time with Ekin.

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