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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Gillian Will Have No Birthday Parties This Year

Twins have released their 4th Chinese New Year album. Yesterday, at a promotion function, Charlene Choi and Gillian Chung expressed that they only want to bring happiness to everyone and are not worried about album sales. But by seeing how many people came to the function to see them, we can tell how strong Twins’ attraction is. At the function, Twins sang ‘富貴黃金屋’ while handing out posters and lollies. Two little girls were organised by organisers to go on stage, looking like Twins at their concert. When asked to add some accessories on the little girls, Gillian told them to do different poses.

Yesterday, was Gillian’s Chinese calendar birthday. Gillian said that she will not hold any parties because they have to attend the ‘JSG Award Ceremony’ in the night. She will celebrate her birthday at the after party. Gillian also stated that she will not be holding parties for her birthday on the 21st of this month because she has to attend another award ceremony. Gillian revealed that she has received a present from Charlene but will not say what the present is. When asked if she had birthday wishes, Gillian wishes for health and world peace. When asked if she wanted to have a boyfriend, Gillian said that you can’t force these things. Charlene said, “We want to work on more movies and advertisements but not work on dates.”

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