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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Greed Mask Receives Its First Two Complaints

TVB new series Greed Mask has broadcasted its first episode. Even though this series is produced two, three years ago, Halina Tam's ghost and Christine Ng's mirror image gave the audience a scary feeling. Yesterday TVB had received two such related complaints, refering that the series makes people feel uncalm. But lead actresses Christine and Halina believes that this is the first part of being successful.

Even though they have received two complaints, they have not spoken about it yet as the series is placed in a 10 o'clock time slot, which they believe would have no problems.

Christine Ng: Frightening is success
Christine expressed that she stayed home with her husband to watch the first episode. Even though she acted in it, she also thought it was horrific and her husband praised that it was really good. About people complaning, she said, "The first episode must be scary in order to affect the audience's mood. I'm not afraid that it'll scare the audiences. Frightening them leads to success, or how would it attract them."

Halina Tam: It will not scare people
With a ghost in her body scene, Halina expressed that this series had its first step in success because when she returned to the company, alot of people were calling her by her series name. Some friends also praised her after watching it. Halina said, "I'm not afraid that it'll scare the audiences. Currently, audiences are really intelligent, they will not be scared that easily. Plus, it's in the 10 o'clock time slot, it should be no problem."

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