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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Hacken Lee Finally Announces Marriage At JSG Awards

The TVB JSG Awards was held last night giving out the music industry's third report card. Hacken Lee beats Eason Chan and Leo Ku for the Most Appreciated Male Singer and also received 3 and a half awards, becoming the big winner of the night. He also announced publicly that he will be marrying his girlfriend this year. Joey Yung also defeats Miriam Yeung for the Most Appreciated Female Award.

Andy Lau and Kelly Chen received the Overseas Favorite Male and Overseas Favorite Female Award, respectively. When receiving her award, Kelly was sobbing a bit and Eric Tsang made fun of her, "You're crying for this?" Kelly then rolled her eyes big and said, "Getting an award is difficult!" As with the Most 'Fought' Award, Most Appreciated Male and Mo
st Appreciated Female Singer, is won by Hacken and Joey. When he received his award he went to hug Andy Lau and also announces, "Many thanks to my wife!" As with the popular song, 'Mo Lai', that almost every Hong Konger knows, Ronald received the Best Song Award for that. Eason and Leo both equally wins two awards.

With a purple appearance, Hocc lost to Joey for the Most Appreciated Female Singer Award, but had received the Most Improved and a Top 10 Song Award. 'Rumored enemy' Miriam was organized to be giving out the award to her. When Hocc got off the stage, she happily hugged Joey.

Last night many people have thought of a few awards being as 'planned', including Toby Leung's Most Appreciated Newcomer Silver Award, Ron Ng's Newcomer Silver Award, and Pong Nan's Most Improved Award. Niki Chow received no awards and some fans left unsatisfied when their idols didn't win anything. When Ron was receiving his award, the whole crowd 'booed' him, but Justin received many warm cheers when receiving the newcomer award. Endy Chow was also booed for his Most Appreciated Composer/Singer Award.

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