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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Jade Kwan Greatly Supports Ron Ng

Earlier Niki Chow and 'enemy' Jade Kwan were organized to have dinner together to talk with each other. It seems like they are enemies again after not even one week, is it true that one mountain can't hide two tigers?

After Niki received zero awards at the JSG awards, it was rumored that she was unsatisfied and used her health as an excuse to not attend the celebration banquet. Yesterday she used her fever as an excuse once again to leave early while practicing with Jade, Bosco, and Bernice, for Ron's concert. It seems like she is purposely avoiding the reporters.

When Jade was asked about this, she unintentionally said, "Was Niki sad receiving no awards? I have not asked her about that, but she was jumping around during rehearsal and seemed very happy. She only ate something wrong and had a stomache. (It wasn't because she had a fever?) Then I don't know whether she has a fever!" It seems like Niki is pretending to be sick.

When it gets to Ron, Jade greatly supports him and praises him. As with Ron being booed when getting his award, Jade supported, "Booing and welcoming sounds are both types of encouragement sounds. Newcomers need time to develop. I think he is very good and knows how to act and sing at the same time, so I greatly support him!"

Yesterday Niki received a radio interview and after seeing Jade talk about her 'different sickness' she said, "I feel better after going to the doctors and eating medicine. Why would I need to avoid them? I left after the rehearsal ended at 7. (Is being angry at JSG what made you sick?) No, I had a fever the day before too. (Your fans left early that day?) They only wanted to save their spots in the front door to see me. I've already told them not to do that next time. (Are you disappointed not getting any awards this time?) Of course there's a little. I will continue to work hard in 2006. But getting no awards will prove that the 'filming to exchange for award' rumor is wrong!"

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