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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Jessica Hsuan Denies Sleeping With Rumored Boyfriend

Yesterday Jessica Hsuan was seen having a date with her foreign boyfriend and has invited him to stay over. Jessica explained, "We are friends, I'm just eating dinner with a friend. (It said he stayed over at your house.) He left after driving me home, I don't know why they wrote that. (Do you have any chances with him?) I don't know, maybe it's because I haven't dated in a while so I feel sensitive being with the opposite sex." The truth is that Jessica has been filming in mainland for 3 months and just wanted to invite some friends out for dinner.

As the new year is entering, she was asked whether she wants to find a boyfriend, she said, "Okay lah, it's not wanting it just because of the new years. If there is, there is. If there isn't, then there isn't. Plus I'm very busy since I will be filming a new series in March and will be flying to the Philipines for an outdoor scene."

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The Sun


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