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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Joey & Denise Leaves Miriam All Alone

The Chik Chak Award Ceremony was held on Sunday, leaving some artists feeling happy and with some artists not feeling great. With this year’s popular EEG singers, Joey Yung and Twins receiving only one award, making everyone extremely surprised. All EEG singers did attend the after party but left shortly after the interviews were done. Gold Label singers were shining on the night, by winning more awards than any other company. The Gold Label singers were over the moon taking pictures on stage and accepting interviews non stop.

At the after party, artists were organised to stand in groups to take photos. Charlene Choi, who was organised to stand next to Miriam Yeung, immediately used Gillian Chung as the shield and made her stand in the middle of herself and Miriam. Thus successfully avoiding standing next to Miriam in a picture. Miriam, who is also rumoured to be not getting along with the good friends, Denise Ho and Joey Yung, was left a side during the party as the two stuck together. Miriam, who won 3 awards on the night, appreciates the viewers vote award, Favourite Female Singer. When asked why she was so happy about winning this award, Miriam said that she has never thought about winning the award. When asked to comment on just getting bronze for the ‘Best Female Singer Award’, Miriam said that she knows what she deserves. When asked to express her feelings on hot favourite, Joey, only winning one award, Miriam said that she will no comment on this issue.

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