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Friday, January 06, 2006

Joey Suffers From 'Hong Kong Coliseum-itus'

Twins’ second show of their ‘Twins The Missing Piece Concert’ was held at the Hong Kong Coliseum. Their first guest performer was Kenny Kwan who sang ‘靈犀’. It was most hilarious when Kenny requested to sing ‘先知’ with Charlene. Due to the fact that the MV of the sing has a kiss scene between the two, Gillian said, “Fine! Just don’t care about me!” This made the crowd roar with laughter.

When Twins were singing ‘你講你愛我’, Joey Yung suddenly appeared on the stage and sang along with them. After this performance, Joey knew that Twins had to go and change costumes, so she said, “You guys can go down and change the clothes. I will take care of the stage, so no need to worry!” While Twins were changing, Joey sang her new song ‘赤地雪’. At the ending of the song, Joey took the lowering machine in the middle of the stage. When getting of the machine, she quickly rushed to change her clothes. This caused the workers to laugh, saying that Joey was suffering from ‘Hong Kong Coliseum-itus’ because Joey thought it was her concert and she needed to change clothes.

The last guest performer was a member of the grasshoppers. He and Twins sang a mandarin duet.

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