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Monday, January 09, 2006

Jolie Chan Interviews Good Friend Ella Koon

Jolie Chan, as the guest host for Metro radio station program, interviewed her good friend, Ella Koon. Jolie expressed that she has known Ella before they entered the entertainment circle. When asked if she will ask Ella about her rumours, Jolie said that she will not ask and that all the guys are after Ella, causing no one to ask her out. Jolie also said that Ella and herself also go to the restrooms together. On the other hand, Ella said that she was only doing this interview because of promotion and friendship. Ella wants to show the public they female singer can be good friends with each other.

Not only are these two good friends, they have the same fate. Both of them were sick on the day of the interview. Jolie is currently suffering from skin allergies because of the stress she is getting from her album which is releasing soon. Jolie expressed that her skin allergies rarely happen. Ella, however, has injured her leg because of sleeping problems. When walking, it is evident that Ella is limping. When seeing this, the reporters asked what sport Ella had been playing, Ella responded by saying, “I haven’t been exercising. I want to go and see a Chinese therapy doctor. But I am afraid of seeing male ones because when putting ointment on they may rub too hard. I hope to see a female therapy doctor.”

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