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Monday, January 23, 2006

Kenix Wins The Best Actress Award ... Finally

Kenix Kwok, who has always wanted to win a Best Actress Award, fulfilled her wish yesterday at the Metro Showbiz Television Awards 《新城勁爆電視大獎》 yesterday, together with Lisa Wang. Gracing the awards were Liza, Kenix, Bobby Au-Yeung, Roger Kwok, Angela Tong and Michelle Ye.

The Metro Showbiz Television Awards had given over 20 awards last night. The winners included:

The top 12 best actors/actresses: Liza Wang, Ron Ng, Roger Kwok, Charmaine Sheh, Bowie Lam, and others.

Best Male Lead: Roger Kwok

Best Female Lead: Kenix Kwok, Liza Wang

Most Popular Actor/Actress: Bosco Wong, Bernice Liu

Best Newcomer: Fiona Sit

Best Supporting Actor: Angela Tong

Most Improved Award: Michelle Ye

Best Series: 'War of In-Laws'

About Kenix winning with her, Liza says, "Good, it's not a problem, since everyone is happy." Finally getting the female lead award in her hands, Kenix says happily, "I'm very lucky to celebrate the happiness with Ah Jie. She is a great role model. (Did you know only this category had double winners?) I don't know why." But if counting Liza's series 'War of In Laws' receving best series award, Liza had won Kenix in the number of awards.

Roger Kwok won the 'Best Actor Award' for his role as Ah Wong, and when asked if he would be like Hacken, proposing to his girlfriend upon winning an award, he said, “I won’t follow what he did; I must have my own style. But I think Hacken’s style was very dramatic. Love is great, and no one is greater than it. I will congratulate Hacken. (Will you be getting married?) I don’t have such plans yet. I will make more money first, and my girlfriend is still young, so no need to hurry!”

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