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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Kenny Kwan: After Becoming Solo

In 2005, Kenny Kwan has been through great changes; from being in the group Boy'z to a solo singer now. He has received great responses in both of his albums and has won the Male Newcomer Awards in the music award ceremonies. Always diligent, Kenny emphasized that he did not do so good in a few aspects last year and hopes to continue to do better in this new year. He also hopes to be able to have his own concert.

Kenny has always been a hardworking fellow. From being in Boy'z to now, he is well supported by fans. After going solo, his two albums 'Oncoming' and 'Musick' had ideal responses and manager Mani has also announced that he will be highly promoted in 2006.

But Kenny thought he didn't do so well this past year, "Actually last year, there were alot of things that I didn't do good on, like singing, dancing, and speaking Mandarin. I would also be very nervous being on stage, especially in big events. Even though the two albums did have good album sales, I think I have just merely past! I know I can sing a little better."

After manager Mani has given him 3-4 months off to go to shcool earlier, Kenny has been continuing to have this request. He hopes the company can give him time off to learn how to sing, play the saxophone, dance, and learn Mandarin. Kenny says, "I hope I can balance between work and study. I must study and work at the same time in order to improve." With his busy schedule everyday, will he have time to go study? He says, "The company has replied and I know that starting this month, I can really take some time off each day to study." Kenny has found a solution for his stage fright, he says "Someone has told me that if you relax and have confidence in yourself before going on stage, you will not be nervous when you get on! I've tried this method, and it really works!"

Even though he is not satisfy with his performance last year, there is something that makes Kenny happy. What makes Kenny the happiest is Shirley Kwan's comeback. Ever since she has started singing the song 'Fake Love', Kenny has been hypnotized by her vocals. Everytime Shirley released an album, he would immediately go buy it. He says, "I really like to listen to her songs ever since childhood. I've also bought the albums with the songs she did backup singing on!" Ever since he didn't have a chance to buy Shirley's limited 1,000 copies of her new album, he had searched everywhere for it.

On the day of the interview, he told reporters that he has two ways to repay the company. He says, "I've wished for a concert for a long time in which I will be playing an instrument and singing at the same time. The stage must be in the center so that way, I can be close to all fans." Another type of concert he wishes for is, "I want a stage with multi-colored bright lights. I believe that would be for a larger-scale concert." He really wishes for both types of concert, but of course he is not greedy. Because he is only a newcomer, he thinks an unplug concert is more suitable for him, "I am already satisfied if 1,000 fans come to support!"

Lastly, Kenny was asked about his 2006 wishes, in which is does have one but Kenny has actually always wanted to raise a pet with a puppy as his first choice, "Because I am busy with work, I am afraid I won't have enough time to play with the puppy."

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