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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Kevin Cheng, Bernice Liu Spends Christmas Together

Kevin Cheng and Bernice Liu have been recently working together filming ‘Devil’s Deciples’ (Keung Kim Kong Wu), and because of the tight schedule during Christmas, the two can’t spend time with their family over the festive season. When talks came to Christmas wishes, Bernice hopes that next year she will move into a bigger house, so family can enjoy themselves, on the other hand, Kevin wishes to experience a white Christmas.

Although Kevin and Bernice are under the same management and are working together to film ‘Devil’s Deciples’ but the two don’t talk to each other much, because they don’t have many scenes in the drama together. A few days ago, they were invited to have some Christmas photo shoot, at first they seemed a bit shy, but after a while of talking, they started laughing at each other.

Bernice grew up and studied in Canada, whereas Kevin studied in America, so they would pay more attention to Christmas, and would have the tradition of swapping presents with friends and family. But this year they have to film ‘Devil’s Deciples’, so they would definitely not have time to spend time with their family. A few days ago in Central, Bernice said “Lately, the schedule have been really tight, even if I have relatives in Hong Kong, I wouldn’t have time to be with them, even now, I don’t have time to buy presents, I’m hoping that when I have spear time in the next two days I can do some shopping.”

In Bernice’s house, there will be a new member joining the household, and it is her dog, Mac’s future wife Bailey. So purposely Bernice will have to buy new stuff for her ‘daughter in-law’. When asking Bernice if she have any Christmas wishes, she laughs “I’m hoping that next year I will earn more money, and can buy a more comfortable house, so that my parents and dogs can have a better environment to live in.”

Kevin says that he has already given his mum her Christmas present a few weeks ago, he says “These few years, I couldn’t spend Christmas with my mum, so I decided to give her present earlier, but I still haven’t got mine from her.” As to Christmas wishes, Kevin wishes to spend next year having a white Christmas, he said “I don’t want to spend next year in the studio with some fake snow, I really want to go abroad and have a happy white Christmas.”

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