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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Kevin Cheng Gives Bernice A Bruise On Her Arm

Earlier Bernice Liu filmed a commercial for face cleansing liquid wash and expressed that she is absolutely satisfied with the pay. Alot of companies have asked for her part in their comercials, but she hopes to film a clothing advertisement the most because her spending on clothes each year is alot and it will help alot if she has another sponsor. When filming yesterday, Bernice was discovered with a big bruise on her arm, she explains, "I am currently filming 'Keung Gim Gong Woo' and I have alot of scenes with fighting that requires wire hangings. This bruise is when I was filming a fight scene with Kevin Cheng earlier." When asked whether she had asked Kevin for 'hospital money', Bernice smiles, "No, I'm too busy to visit the doctor." In addition, Bernice explains that after filming, she will be helping TVB record for their 'All About Women' album. When asked whether she is interested in signing with a company, she quickly responses, "Of course, I always like to sing and dance so I have no problem being a singer, but that will have to be discussed with my company."

Bernice Liu and a facial endorsement company signed a 1 year deal. Yesterday, it was Bernice's first time filming a television commerical for the company with a very satisfying fee.

In other news, Bernice, along with Shirley Yeung, Myolie Wu and others will have a chance to release an album called "Nui Yi Hung" or "Red Girl". Ron Ng and Bosco Wong both now have contracts with CD companies because of taking part in singing themesongs. When asked if Bernice thought she had any hope in releasing a solo CD herself she replied, "That is the decision of my company. I have always loved to sing and dance. If I had a chance to become a singer of course I would cherish that opportunity! (Your Cantonese is not that good, do you dare still try?) Well a lot of female artistes don't know how to read Chinese, but it has not interfered with their success. In fact, it gives them more of a personality. Like Angela Tong, she does not know Chinese but after 10 years of hard work, she has finally found some fame and success."

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