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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Leehom Kisses A Girl 50 Times

Being able to kiss a girl 50 times, Leehom doesn't complain and quite enjoys it! Will this kissing lead to a relationship? Leehom says he's professional and it won't lead to anything!

Leehom was shooting and directing his new MV for the song Kiss Goodbye and the story is based on his love experience. To make sure everything was perfect, he woke up early in the morning and shot for 20 hours continuously. In the MV, he and the actress kissed romantically. In total they kissed around 50 times.

The song Kiss Goodbye describes how people feel when they have to say goodbye, and every time they kiss goodbye, it makes the lovers look forward to their next date. The song is composed and written by Leehom himself and to make sure the MV clearly shows the happiness of falling in love and the pain when parting, Leehom directs his own MV again.

In the MV, Leehom uses different type of kisses, for example the kiss of the first love, the kiss of happiness, and the kiss of parting. As kissing is an important part of the MV, Leehom kisses the actress almost in occasion, when eating, when sick, when riding the Ferris wheel and under a Christmas tree.

Leehom says if you count all the NGs, they have kissed over 50 times! Leehom says this is the first time he has not felt nervous when kissing an actress. That's because besides acting the MV, he is also the director and he has to control his feeling when kissing to show differences in the kisses.

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