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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Leila Tong Shares Beauty Tips

Leila Tong yesterday attended a function, 新港中心Vim型格女皇大變身活動. At the function, Leila and the people there shared beauty tips. Leila said, “The most important thing is enough rest and plenty of water. Using makeup is just a bonus. Being healthy and natural will make you pretty.”

Leila, who has worked with Gigi Leung on the television series ‘The Last Breakthrough’ was asked to comment on the break up of Gigi and Ekin Cheng, she said, “It is hard to speak about such things. As an outsider I do not know what happened. Everyone wants them to end up together. If the two have made up their mind, outsiders should not say too much. (Are you close to Gigi?) Not really close.” When asked about her own personal love life, Leila stated that she is currently busy with her work, questions about love do not have to be asked.

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