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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Leila's New Movie

Leila Tong has a part in new movie “Trying Love privately” (direct translation) and portrays Stephy Tang’s good friend. The scene is about her supporting Stephy to marry earlier and supports her to have an affair. Asked whether she would get married? Leila Tong expresses she will build a family when she reaches the appropriate age and doesn’t think marrying after 30 years old is too late. She honestly says she might not have babies, but right now she owns pet dogs and is a good partner for her. But, she might change her mind after marriage.

Leila Tong will have a stage performance on lunar Chinese New Year to earn some quick money. She expresses she tends to earn more during that period of time and wants to take this chance to earn some money. Speaking of the reports about Raymond Lam and Fala Chan singing Karoake together, and as Leila and Raymond are friends, she thinks there’s nothing wrong with people going to karaoke together. Many people in the industry go out together, would they be dating? She says, “In the same industry, it’s normal to go out on holidays together. I went out with co-workers as well. (Then are they dating?) I don’t know, I haven’t seen Raymond Lam in a long time.”

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