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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Leo Ku: I Think That Cecilia Is A Really Cute Girl

The new movie, 'My Kungfu Sweetheart’s' theme song ‘直到爱上你’ will be sung by the movie's leading performers, Leo Ku and Cecilia Cheung. Leo will also be producing the song himself. As this is Cecilia and Leo’s first duet together, it is extremely important to them. Cecilia met up with Leo before recording the song, to get advice from Leo on how to sing the song better. On the day of the recording, Leo specially bought some ‘open sound’ tea for Cecilia to drink. The first recording was done extremely well, but Cecilia wanted to record a better one, so they had to record the song a few times. It took only one day to finish recording the song.

Leo said, “Cecilia and I discussed some new singing techniques, hoping to bring some fresh feeling to the song. Cecilia really put her heart into singing the song, the outcome was great. I think that Cecilia is a really cute girl. Although we have finish recording the song, I still meet up with her to eat dinner. We are good friends!”

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