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Friday, January 13, 2006

Michelle Filming Sequel To 'Central Affairs'

Having left her maiden home (TVB), Michelle Ye’s first ATV serial 'Central Affairs' has achieved ideal ratings, and ATV has decided to film a sequel to it.

Having received notice of a sequel, Michelle said, “There will be pressure filming a sequel. I don’t know how much more I will have to cry over the script.” When told of Callie Kwong’s praise over her expressive, tearing eyes in the show, Michelle thanked Callie for her praise and she said that she had received the same comment from other people as well.

On another front, there has been talk of a falling out between Michelle and Leung Sze Ho. Apparently, he had to do a last-minute change, replacing Michelle with someone else on his talk show 《怪談》. He had sent a request her manager inviting her to his show but after waiting 4 days for a reply, he finally got tired of waiting and replaced her. When asked about this rumour, Michelle indicated she knew nothing of it, and said that her company would make the best arrangements for her.

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The Sun


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