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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Michelle Is Now A Member Of Hong Kong's High Society

Michelle Ye has recently become the god-daughter of a Hong Kong tycoon (鄭裕彤), and she finally has an opportunity to be a high society girl! Apparently, Michelle will be accompanying her godfather to a ball, where she will be introduced to more of her godfather’s high society friends. As you’ve probably guessed, such high society functions are notoriously difficult to break into, and this one night could probably change Michelle’s life forever.

This will also be Michelle’s first ball, and she has spent several days at a friend’s boutique trying to decide on a suitable outfit for the event. “I will not embarrass my godfather at the party. Being able to attend the ball with him, I am very happy. Godfather felt that I was lonely so he asked me to attend the ball with him. I was afraid that I might be bored at the party, but I’m sure I won’t because he will be introducing his friends to me.”

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The Sun


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