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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Mounts Of Rumours Surround Michelle Ye For New Series "Honoured Rascal"

Gordon Chan's new film, "Honoured Rascal" has officially started filming yesterday afternoon, but its negative news has already raced ahead. One of its cast, Michelle Ye, again couldn't escape from the claws of "rumours", she was said to have been degraded from the first female lead down to the fifth female lead. Towards these reports, Michelle could only smile and push them away.

"Honoured Rascal" has officially started filming yesterday afternoon, its cast including Ronald Cheng, Theresa Fu, Miki Yeung, Ella Koon and Michelle Ye all attended the blessing ceremony, but Pace Wu declared her absence at the last minute.

Yesterday afternoon, Michelle seemed like she had something on her mind the whole time, towards being degraded to a supporting character, Michelle strongly expressed that there was no such thing, "The titles of the gossip magazines nowadays are beyond what you can think of. Towards which of the cast is playing which character, I can only say that I believe in what the director decides." Director Gordon Chan also clears up that there was nothing about switching the characters and casts around and said, "Within my heart, all five of them are female leads. Their screentime is very equal." Also, Michelle once again explains that she doesn't know Chan Kwok Keung and says that the SMS messages posted on the magazines were definitely made up by the media to decept the readers.

Recently, there has been magazines reporting that Miriam Yeung has organized her house according to FungShui to tie Ronald down and get back together with him. After Ronald heard it, he started laughing immediately and expressed that it's impossible. "(What's impossible? Impossible that Miriam would do something like that or impossible for you two to get back together?) Haven't thought about that. In this movie, I have to portray two characters, and I'm already having a hard time. I should take more time to sleep rather than think about this stuff." After the blessing ceremony ended, Michelle immediately rushed over to Macau to attend the EEG Entertainment Hotel's Grand Opening Ceremony. It was said that she was invited by her godfather, Cheng Yu Tung.

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