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Friday, January 06, 2006

Myolie Wu Wants Career, Does Not Want A Boyfriend

Like people say, new year new start, when asked about her new year resolutions, Myolie said that she hoped to have higher achievement in her career and earn more money. While asked about her love life, she said just let it be natural. When talked about her career, she said that she hoped to have different kind of opportunities and to do things that she never tried before, for example she had recorded a theme song for a drama series.

When talked about getting a new boyfriend, Myolie mentioned that just let it be natural, no point forcing, and currently, career must come first and to earn more money first.During this new year, Myolie was in overseas shooting for her new drama series and she was not able to countdown with her family and friends. However, Myolie was very excited when she was thinking back about her school days in overseas and throwing new year parties with her schoolmates. She remembered that one time they were throwing a costume party, a lot of her schoolmates were dressed up in funny look. How about herself? Myolie said that she did not dress up like her friends did, she just put on a nice makeup and go.

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