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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Niki Chow Annoyed By 'Freezing' Rumours

Niki Chow has been under BMA management for approximately a year, throughout the year; rumours relating to Niki have been circling around non-stop. Recent reports say that Jade Kwan has already renewed her contract with BMA and will soon be heavily promoted by the company, causing Niki to be ‘frozen’. Yesterday, when attending the blessing ceremony for the upcoming music award ceremony, was immediately asked by the media, as a joke, if she felt cold. Niki replied by saying, “Yes! It’s very cold!” But when the reporters asked if she felt the fridge was cold, Niki finally understood where the media was coming from and did not reply. When asked to take pictures with her hot water bottle, Niki quickly put the hot water bottle under her clothes, away from sight and had pictures taken of her and a tissue.

Earlier reports say the when Niki joined BMA, Jade was put away. But now that Jade has renewed her contract, Niki will be frozen. Niki stated that it was not the truth and because more singers are joining BMA, it is drawing more attention. A company with many singers is a good thing. Bad results for the female singer will be rumours of not getting along while male singer will have more love rumours. This is why Niki does not may attention to these rumours and will soon result to people trying to add ‘spice’ between the people who are rumoured. As a singer, Niki will concentrate on presenting herself as well as she can.

When asked how long her work schedule is, Niki said that viewers may have to wait and see. Niki also stated that she is currently working on her new album. When asked if her company has lessened her work load, Niki sounded annoyed and told the media not to listen to the rumours and she will only concentrate only being her best.

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